How to hit a Draw?


If you wish to play golf in your pastime or as a passion, you must know about the different forms of shots played on the field. Some shots are played to bring the ball closer to the hole, while some shots are played to directly send over some rough patches that you will find on the course. Well, today, we will talking about one of the latter shots, i.e., a shot which is intentionally made to drive the ball away from any rough spot or to cover a considerable distance in a single stroke. This shot is known as a draw shot, and we will be discussing how you can perfect your draw. You will also know about the things you have to be cautious about and other relevant subjects. So, let’s get started!

What is a draw shot?

Well, before we move onto anything else, you need to know more about the draw shot. But before that, let’s get one thing clear, we will talk based on how a right-handed golfer plays. If you are a left-handed player, everything will be just reversed in your case.

When a player hits the ball in a way where the trajectory curves towards the right, it bends to the left just before it hits the ground. The draw shot’s speed is average, where the height of the shot isn’t too much, but the distance is quite considerable. Once the ball hits the ground, it rolls on the fairway for some distance before coming to a stop.

Why golfers make a draw?

Now, whenever you are learning about a new shot, you need to know its importance out on the field. After all, you can’t just make any shot without knowing why you are doing so. Similarly, you need to learn why sometimes PGA tour professionals play the draw shot intentionally.

  • More distance covered: The primary reason golfers prefer to hit a draw shot is that one can cover more distance in a single shot with this. Theoretically, in perfectly similar conditions, there should not be any difference between the distance of fade and draw shots, it is different in reality. Usually, the players tend have the trajectory of draw shot lower. Therefore, its backspin and also distance will be longer due to more roll on the ground. This is why players who love to cover more distance on the field prefer hitting a draw, even if they need to sacrifice total control on the ball and the swing.
  • Comfortable shot: A draw shot is more comfortable, and it always puts the player at ease, especially when he or she feels trapped in a rough situation. This is one of the most comfortable shots that a player can make, and hence, it’s perfect for amateurs and professional players who are playing leisurely on the course.
  • It helps you escape rough patches: If you see that along your planned trajectory course, there is a sandpit or a part of the fairway is there, you can use the draw shot to ensure that you won’t get trapped in a difficult situation. The shot’s distance is always more, and hence, it will be easy to escape the rough spots without much effort easily.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of effort: In a draw shot, the backspin force imparted on the ball is low. And hence you won’t have to put a lot of effort into the swing. You need to hit the ball clearly with the club, and your shot will be amazing.
  • Makes the player more confident: Lastly, a draw shot makes a player more confident, irrespective of whether he is an amateur or a pro player. It can easily get you out of traps, make your shot clearer and smoother. It can prevent you from using the more challenging clubs like the irons or the putter.

What club has to be used for making the draw shot?

Since you now know that a draw shot imparts comfort, confidence, and an escape route, you will undoubtedly want to make the shot quickly. Now, you will need the driver for making the draw shot since it has the club head’s largest surface area. Moreover, it requires significantly less force to push the ball out in the greens.

A driver club is made from steel or a graphite shaft with its club head having wooden material. The driver’s loft angle is lower than other clubs, which is beneficial for producing more distance with low backspin force and trajectory height.

How to hit a perfect draw shot across the field?

Now, coming to the main discussion- how can you hit a draw shot with your driver club. Even though not much effort is needed for this hit, you still have to follow specific rules that will make the shot distance longer and help you avoid rough spots. So, here is a complete set of guides that will teach you how to make the perfect draw shot on the field with your driver wood.

  1. Make your alignment proper: The very first thing you need to take care of is your alignment on the field. As discussed earlier, a draw is made in the direction of right to the left. Initially, you will have to hit the ball to the right before it curves on its own to the left. This indicates that you need to align yourself towards the right. Now is the angle of your alignment, which you need to make proper.

It depends on the degree of the curvature angle of the trajectory that you want to take for the draw. The more you align yourself to the right, the more the trajectory’s arc angle will be. However, since you have to maintain a certain amount of control on the ball, make sure you align yourself for a twenty-yard ball flight.

  1. Align the club face towards the ball: Without disturbing your alignment, you need to align the club face. But before that, decide a target point on the field. It can be any spot on the greens or the hole. Once you have decided the target, lean your body to the right side of the target spot and bring the club face closer to the ball on the ground. Make sure that the ball is right in the middle of the club face so that you can make the perfect draw trajectory.
  2. Make your grip proper: During the alignment of your body and the club face, the driver’s grip will undoubtedly falter. This is why you need to re-grip the driver properly. So, here is a way to correct your grip before you take the swing to hit the ball!
  • Without disturbing the club, adjust your top hand in a way where you will be able to see only three knuckles around the grip.
  • The trailer hand should be in the lower position with respect to the top hand in a way where your index and middle finger are in contact with the little finger of your top hand.
  • Ensure you are holding the shaft in a firm grip that shouldn’t be too strong or too loose. Also, use the fingers to hold down the club and not your palm since it will disturb your grip and might cause a change in your planned draw hit trajectory.


  1. Learn to make a swing along your body line: When you will swing the club in the air right before hitting the ball, you need to make sure that this swing’s direction is in the line of alignment of your body. Since we have already discussed that to make a draw shot, one needs to align himself towards the right. Also, your swing direction should also be inclined towards the right. The swing direction of your leg should be to the right of the targeted spot on the field. However, the other leg should have its foot pressed in an inward direction so that you can make a forward swing easily.
  2. Make the stance proper: Without finishing your stance correctly, you won’t be able to take the perfect draw shot, no matter how much you have practiced usually. So, here are some tips that you need to consider regarding your stance:
  • Your right shoulder must face the target in the right direction. Do not change this line of alignment under any circumstances, not until you have hit the ball.
  • Your chest should be drawn out so that you can keep one foot in the inward direction with the other ready for a forward right swing.
  • Transfer your weight to the right leg with which you will take the swing. Try not to put your body weight on your hands, while holding the club to the ground.
  • Rotate your shoulders a bit so that you can driveway the stiffness of the joints. It will make your swing smoother with no hurdle.
  • The club face should be kept open in relation with the ball. If you align the close-off face, your ball won’t travel to the right for the draw shot.
  1. Make the swing angle and the spin force smoothly: Now, since the draw is one of the easiest shots to take, getting over excited is one of the major mistakes that many golfers do on the field. In your over-excitement, you might make a hard swing, cause a chipping shot, and you will probably end up sending your ball in a different direction. So, make sure that your swing force isn’t too strong or too weak.

Produce an average impact force on the ball just enough to land it in the air. Once the ball is in the air, it will follow the trajectory on its own, and the ball itself will cover the distance. You won’t have to hit the ball hard to make a considerable distance shot.

  1. Visualize the trajectory before hitting the ball: Before finally hitting the ball, imagine the trajectory path. This will help you decide the swing angle, the shoulder rotation angle, the swing speed, and other factors for the shot. Make sure your alignment and your stance matches the trajectory you have decided.

Now, here are some tips that will allow you to draw an imagined trajectory correctly without making a single mistake.

  • The extent of the trajectory curve should be more than twenty yards to your right.
  • The endpoint of the trajectory should be either right on the spot or at least in a direct contact line with the spot where you want to land the ball.
  • Also, if you have a rough patch right ahead of you, make sure to decide on a trajectory that will be at a safe distance from the rough spot.
  • Be sure to choose the path that covers more distance on the green or along the fairway and crosses the sand pits or the pitches.

Things to know while Hitting a Draw with an Iron?

If you want to use an iron club for hitting a draw, make sure to use the five iron. It is the lowest iron number in a golf set, and this will give you a super control over the ball speed and the backspin. Also, since the five iron has a low loft angle, this club will be easier to handle for you while making a draw. Just make sure that your swing speed is shallow and smooth. A hard swing will change the planned course and might end up putting your ball right into the sandpit, which you were avoiding in the first place.


Like we said, hitting a draw shot is easy and will always put you within your comfort zone. But, still you will have to rely on your alignment since you wouldn’t want to make an embarrassing shot while planning for a draw hit. We hope this guide has got everything to clear your confusion and prepare you for your next draw shot.


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