Golf Tips for Women 2020

Golf is one of the best unisexual games that exist in the sports world. If you visit a golf field, you will see that many women play the game alongside men. And truth be told, they do play graciously. However, we can never deny that there are some considerable differences between the playing techniques of men and women. While on one hand, the male class can strike the ball in the hole easily and by applying less force, every woman needs to accustom their physique for the game.

This is why if you are a new golfer and want to learn the proper techniques of playing golf, you need a hands-on guide. Today, in this srticle, we will be discussing some of the best ways of how to prepare yourself in the best possible way for playing golf like a pro. Let us move ahead without wasting any time.

  1. Learn the Psychology Facts for Playing Golf

Without any questions, golf is one of the most challenging games that you will ever see. It’s not teamwork where someone else will be there to fall if you do something wrong. Instead, it is a game where you have to calculate the range, the sweep angle, your strike force, and other things all on your own. If you take a single decision wrong, you will be responsible for a messy shot. This is why it is essential to learn about golf psychology before you start playing. Here are some of the psychological tips for new female golfers!

  • It’s not cricket or basketball where you can act on impulse and score. Golf needs a lot of concentration in a single sweep. This is why you need to be present in the present itself and not in the past or future. If your mind is clouded with “what if” thoughts, you will never be able to make the perfect shot.
  • Never repeat a shot because the next time, you won’t be able to make the perfect sweep. So, always take your new shot as a new challenge and then strike the ball with your club.
  • If your mistake has cost you a winning shot, let it be. Don’t dwell over that mistake for too long. You need to learn where you went wrong and accordingly improvise your next shot.


  1. Join a Golf Team Led By a Trained and Well Experienced Coach

It’s true that in earlier days, only men used to play golf in their leisure time. But since the competitive spirit hasn’t died in the women’s race, they are also actively getting involved in this particular sport. Now, if you are a fresher and want to learn everything, you need a team. A golf team will help you in adapting to different golf techniques and swings. Also, since a coach always leads a team, you will get professional guidance on every aspect related to golf.

  • Choose a well-known golf club which is known for their master skills and new techniques.
  • Make sure that the golf instructor is experienced enough to teach you everything about golf.
  • It will be better if you are choosing a team that has both men and women in it.
  • The golf club must have its golf course and other necessities needed for playing the game.
  • If you want to get involved in the sports seriously, it will be feasible if your chosen golf club arranges or participates in tournaments.


  1. Learn the Basics of Golf 

Your next job will be to learn at least the basics of golf from your own. This includes knowing about terminologies related to the game, how to play the game, and much more. If you have already done your homework about these preliminary things, the entire concept of this challenging game will become more comfortable for you to grasp. So, let’s see some of the basic facts about golf!

  • A golf tee is a small peg made of wood near the hole at the beginning. It is also the element on which the golf ball rests.
  • Fairway is the golf course part that will pave the way to the green field.
  • Stroke is a swing that you will make to hit the ball and throw it into the air in a parabolic fashion.
  • Ace is obtained when you have successfully put the ball into the hole.
  • Par is the total number of strokes that you have made to transfer the ball from the tee to the hole across the field.
  • Eagle is called when you have done two strokes under par for putting the ball in the hole. On a similar note, if it’s a single stroke under par, we call it a birdie or a double eagle.


  1. Buy the Correct Accessory for Playing the Game

Before playing the game, you need to have proper accessories for playing. Being a female, sharing other’s belongings would never sound too pleasing. And that’s why you need to know the list of things that you should have for successfully playing in the field.

  • Golf sports shoe: It may be a sports boot or fitted sneakers. No matter what type of shoe you are buying, make sure that they have resistant buds attached to the underneath of the sole.
  • Golf gloves: For every fresh golfer, this is one of the essential things. Holding the clubs with bare hands will put pressure on your wrist and palm and increase the chances of taking a bad shot due to clammy hands. So, wearing the gloves will prevent these mishaps from ruining your game.
  • Golf clubs: These are the long sticks with which a player hits the ball and transfer it into the air. You can either buy a complete golf club set or a single piece of club stick as per your convenience.
  • Golf Hat: Well, this is a form of protection against the sun’s scorching heat that you will have to endure while being on the field.
  • Cart bag: This bag is used to hold the clubs and other forms of belongings that you want to carry to the field.


  1. Never Forget To Have a Proper Dress for Golf

Men can simply wear a regular house t-shirt and track pants or sports shorts for their golf matches. This can’t be the same for any woman since they need to feel comfortable and relaxed in their sports attire while playing the matches. This is why you have at least two pairs of proper women’s golf attire, which might include skirts, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, golf dresses, etc. Since most of you are not aware of choosing the best dress for yourself, here are some basic tips that will help you.

  • Golf courses have their dress codes, which you will undoubtedly have to follow. So, rather than buying some arbitrary dresses beforehand, it will be better to ask the clubs about its dress codes, and then buy them.
  • Not every dress type is comfortable and relaxing. You cannot afford to wear tight-fitted clothes or short dresses, which will further restrict your swings and movements while playing the game. So, make sure that the clothing which you are choosing is comfortable and relaxing for you.
  • Also, choose a dress that will accentuate your feminine nature and make you look bolder, fearless, and more confident.


  1. Golf Clubs Must Be Specific For Your Gender

You need to buy a proper set of golf clubs- a set of twelve to fifteen sticks with different club heads for different strokes and swings. Usually, most companies sell unisexual club sets, which can be used both by men and women. However, these unisexual clubs are better for women who are pro in golf.

It will be more feasible for beginners if you are buying a club set specifically designed for women. These clubs have shafts made from graphite or other types of lightweight material, which puts less pressure on your arms and wrists. While buying the club set, make sure that the lofts of the clubs have a proper angle for different strokes that you usually practice in the fields.


  1. Engage Yourself in Warm-Up Exercises Regularly To Stay Fit

Playing golf might seem easy for some people since one doesn’t have to run across the pitch to score or one doesn’t have to run with the ball to the goalpost. However, ask a golfer. You will understand that even though the physical workout during the games is less, you cannot ignore the fact that you have to be perfectly fit for taking the swings or making high-velocity strokes to put the ball in the hole in a single shot. This is why you need to stay perfectly fit for playing golf in the best possible way. Here is a list of exercises that will be perfect for women golfers:

  • Squats for improving the strength and resistance in your hip flexors and your calf muscles.
  • Pull-ups will help you make your arm muscles stronger for taking the swings and your midriff and back muscles.
  • Since the higher shots need most of the strength to come from the hips, you need exercises like hip thrusts to ensure that the muscles and the bones become more versatile.
  • For improving the overall strength of your body, you need to include the plank exercise in your daily workout regime.
  • If you want to improve your swing power around your shoulders and collar bones, you can choose the shoulder press exercise as your first option.


  1. Play the Game with Intelligence 

You cannot play golf with some random gaming strategy and an improper plan. To win the game or improve your strokes, you need to exercise an approach. If you are not playing with your brain, deciding an on-spot strategy will seem quite challenging, thereby making you lose the game. So, here are some of the best ways in which you can create an intelligent strategy for your golf game.

  • Every time you hit the ball, you have to tread across the field, move to the spot where the ball has come to rest after being hit, and then measure the distance. This is excruciatingly painful, and that’s why, as a golfer, you need to know about the field distances.
  • Being a player, you must know about all the misses you have gained while playing golf for a prep routine or tournaments; regardless of whether they are good or bad misses.
  • You will carefully have to know more about the clubs, the club head face angles, the hits that you can make with each numbered club, and so on.


  1. Practice Swinging Your Body before Walking Into a Real Competition 

Without any prior practice, walking into the golf field is a fool’s act. To escape feeling embarrassed  in front of other people, make sure you have practiced the swings with your body first. Allow your hips, your upper torso, and the arms to get adjusted to the side swings, forward foot swings, and other golf postures to avoid any kind of problems while playing actual golf.


  1. Start Your Golf Career against Female Opponents

Lastly, you have to play against opponents to improve yourself and know where you are not giving your hundred percent in the game. But, it will be suitable if your first few games are against female opponents. This way, you will understand the playing strategy differences between a man and a woman.


Knowing about the golf before you play is important and also a clever act. But, since we said that initially when golf was introduced, it was the game of the men, as a woman, you need to make your place. And, when we say this: you won’t be able to survive even a single day with a golf club if you don’t know the basic facts that we have discussed today.



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