Best Women’s Golf Set – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020



For playing any kind of sports, you will need a medium. For example, bats are used in cricket, the large ball is the medium in rugby and soccer, while a lacrosse bat is used to play lacrosse. Similarly, you need a stick made of different materials to play golf. You hit the ball with the tapered end of the stick in various ways until it reaches the hole and scores you either an eagle shot or a birdie. In the market, these playing sticks are known as clubs, which aren’t exactly of much use when bought alone.

So, you need to buy a golf set- a collection of twelve different clubs, where three are wooden, one is a hybrid, and six are made from iron and a wedge and a putter. Now, since you cannot go to the field with the best women’s golf set, today, our main focus will be on the most market popular golf sets that are perfect for a woman to play with.

10 Best Women’s Golf Set Reviews

Comparison table

Name Graphite shaft Standing bag Lightweight Beginner golf set Right or left flex
Wilson golf SG1 omen complete gold set Yes No Yes Yes Both
Precise M3 ladies women complete golf clubs set No No No Yes Right
Tour edge 2020 women bazooka 270 full set    Yes Yes Yes Yes Right 1
Cobra gold 2019 wonen’s XL speed complete golf set right hand    Yes Yes Yes Yes Right
Wilson golf ladies allure platinum complete set with cart bag    Yes       Yes Yes Yes right
Callaway women solitaire complete golf set No No No Yes Left
Powerbilt golf women’s countess 15 piece golf complete set with bag right hand    Yes    Yes Yes Yes Right
Your edge hot launch women HL3 to go HL3 complete golf set No    Yes No Yes Left
Ollimareallante ladies golf pacakge    Yes No Yes Yes Right
Powerbilt countess platinum 15 piece ladies standard length full golf package set    Yes No Yes Yes Both


  1. Wilson Golf Profile SG1 Women’s Complete Golf Set

Wilson Golf Profile SGI Women's Complete Golf Set

Wilson is one of the best sports companies, which is not only involved in the golf section but also in other kinds of sports too. But, since today we are talking golf set, let’s say that this particular set for the women has incomprehensibly stolen the limelight. The set is available for different lengths- cart, petite, and tall- there making it one of the versatile sets.


  • The SGI golf set profile is a custom made club collection only for women to play with the set as per their comfort.
  • Thirteen different clubs are present with varying features, which will help an amateur golfer get a grip over the game.
  • Except for the putter, all other sticks are made from graphite- the most lightweight material for women’s handling.
  • The iron clubs are made in a way where they have their center of gravity at the lowest point, making them accurate.
  • The clubs’ grips are weather-resistant, which will help you play at any time of the day or the season.


  • The bag is made from a thin fabric, which might form tears if not handled carefully.
  • Most pro golfers have found it a little bit incompetent for playing.

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  1. Precise M3 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set

Precise M3 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 7-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's Blue - Regular or Petite Size!

Precise started the business with the main motto of providing the best accessory to the golf players. Their golf sets have become a star overnight, the same with this M3 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Club Set. The fantastic blue and white color combination of the bag and the clubs seem fantastic since it gives off a sporty vibe.


  • The set has all the clubs that you require to finish off the game with a flying scoreboard.
  • The wood and the iron clubs are prepared in a way where they can be used to make equal shots, be it a birdie or an albatross shot.
  • The available size customizations for this golf club set are petite (women below 5’3), and the regular size (for women having a height between 5’3 and 5’9).
  • The bag has a stand that you set on the field without any support. This will allow you to draw any club from the bag with ease.


  • The clubs are not customized, and hence, the features might not be suitable for some women players.
  • The clubs are a bit heavy and on the rough side. So, if you have a lightweight frame, this set won’t be suitable for you.

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  1. Tour Edge 2020 Women Bazooka 270 Full Set

Tour Edge 2020 Women Bazooka 270 Full Set

Just like the name itself, this golf accessory company has always produced cutting edge products, be it a golf club set or any other sports accessory. This is why the company is known amongst the golfer’s community. The Women Bazooka 270 full set is said to be perfect for both the beginners and the pro players, thereby proving it to be one of the versatile sets in 2020.


  • The four types of clubs, namely the driver, wooden clubs, hybrid club, and the iron clubs, all have a graphite shaft, which makes them light and easy to sweep and flick for shots.
  • The putter is designed in a way that the alignment of the club can be done most accurately.
  • The bag has a special hood that can protect both the bag and its content during rain. Also, this bag has quite a lot of compartments which will help you store many things at once.


  • The iron clubs don’t have any head cover, which might prove difficult if you want to protect the sharp edge when not in use.
  • The clubs are lightweight, and most of them have a low cut center of gravity for swift shots. So, if you are trying to hit a rough or hard shot, you will have to put more force in your swing.

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  1. Cobra Golf 2019 Women’s XL Speed Complete Golf Set Right Hand

Cobra Golf 2019 Women's XL Speed Complete Golf Set, Right Hand

Since its set up in 1973, the company has tried to introduce new and more efficient golf clubs and golf sets for women. With each passing year, they have brought perfection their designs and made the clubs flawless to become a pro golfer within a couple of weeks. The same is with this women’s XL speed complete golf set right hand.


  • The clubs’ grip is made from rubber pads, which will help you easily take the shots, even with the clammy hand.
  • Driver, hybrid, iron, and the Fairway clubs have a lightweight shaft, which will help you take the swings easily without putting much effort into the field.
  • The bag that comes with this package has seven different zipped up compartments, which you can use to keep the clubs in a sorted manner.
  • The shafts of the clubs are made from graphite, which makes the clubs lightweight and free.


  • The club sets aren’t classified based on the frame of a woman. So, regardless of whether you have a petite frame or a tall one, you won’t be able to get a club set from Tour edge based on your physique.
  • Hitting the hard shots will prove difficult since you will have to produce the maximum force in your arm muscles.

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  1. Wilson Golf – Ladies Allure Platinum Complete Set With Cart Bag

Wilson Golf- Ladies Allure Platinum Complete Set with Cart Bag

Even though this is another of the Wilson’s golf club set that we are presenting today, you cannot ignore the excellence and grace of the product. As Wilson is one of the best sports companies globally, you can certainly buy this particular set without any doubt.


  • The clubs’ handgrip is right-handedness, and hence, if you are right-handed, this will be the best set from Wilson.
  • Rather than having the regular twelve clubs in a set, this particular set has fifteen clubs, each having different materials and features.
  • The driver, fairway, and the hybrid clubs are made from alloy, whose weight is amicable for taking both soft and hard blows. Iron clubs have a graphite shaft, which perfectly balances the heavyweight of the iron material.
  • The bag has a stand that will help you place the material on the field soil without searching for any support.


  • Wilson hasn’t provided any customization option with this variety of golf club sets. As a result, you might find a little bit of difficulty in handling the clubs.
  • The bag has a single strap, which will put more pressure on your shoulders when the bag is completely loaded with clubs and other types of accessories.

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  1. Callaway Women’s Solitaire Complete Golf Set

Callaway Women's Solaire Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)

Most of the golf products coming from the hand of Callaway are highly innovative and uniquely designed. This is why many golfers prefer buying the clubs from Callaway. Thanks to the guarantee the company provides for their product.


  • The clubs are made from premium quality material. Also, the finishing of the product is considered to be the epitome of finesse.
  • The various clubs are designed in a way where you will be able to take any shot perfectly, without missing a single shot to the hole.
  • The putter has an easy-to-align feature that will help you take the best shots without putting too much effort into the swing.
  • In this extraordinary club set from Callaway, you will have a driver, three wooden clubs, two-hybrid sticks, three iron stick, a wedge, and a putter,
  • Four headcovers come with this package. The headcovers are made from high-quality material, which will provide maximum protection to the clubs.


  • The grip handle of the sticks isn’t too fancy. The simplicity of the grip material might prove to be a problem for women whose palms get sweaty easily.
  • The clubs are a bit heavier, so you might miss some of the shots initially. This is why it is recommended that you practice the hits first and then play against an opponent.

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  1. Powerbilt Golf Women’s Countless 15 Piece Golf Complete Set With Bag, Right Hand

Powerbilt Golf Women's Countless 15 Piece Golf Complete Set with Bag, Right Hand

Powerbilt has made sure that every golfer can play with their clubs without a single complaint. Due to this, the company has emphasized the design and manufacturing of its golf club set. The women’s countless 15 piece golf complete set too has been manufactured with precision and ultimate care.


  • In this 15 piece golf set, you will have complete coverage of various clubs that will help you become a pro in golf and win matches. Here, you will have a driver, two fairways, three iron clubs, one hybrid club, and a mallet putter.
  • All the shafts of the fifteen clubs are made from graphite. This material makes the pieces lightweight and easy to carry and play with.
  • The grip material is made from velvet, which is almost like a rubber cover. This prevents the club from slipping away the moment you will hold the shaft with sweaty hands.
  • The bag is quite spacious, which will help you store the clubs and other belongings without stuffing the bag. Also, it comes with a rain hood that will protect the contents from water.


  • The bag is perfect for hard surfaces like roads, driveways, and so on. Once you will place the bag on the grass field, there are high chances of the bag tripping over.

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  1. Tour Edge Hot Launch Womens HL3 to-Go HL3 Complete Golf Set

Tour Edge Hot Launch Womens HL3 to-Go HL3 Complete Golf Set

As we said earlier, Tour edge has become one of the star companies selling high-quality golf products worldwide. This particular golf club set is specially designed for women who want to learn new things about golf and become perfect.


  • In this club set, you will have an offset driver, three wooden clubs, a single iron club, and a putter.
  • The women’s set has a left flex, which is perfect for women who find it hard to buy a left-handed golf club set.
  • The iron clubs have a fine finishing, which will help you drive the shot across the field until great distance.
  • The putter is made in a way where you will be able to make the perfect shot with a proper alignment, which is meant for taking the best aim.


  • The bag is a little bit concise in shape, and hence it won’t provide you with enough room to put the clubs and other accessories together.
  • Also, it doesn’t come with a stand, and therefore you will have to look for an area where it can be kept upright against a hard surface.

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  1. Orlimar Allante Ladies Golf Package Set

Orlimar Golf Women's Allante Premium Complete Set with Stand Bag, New

If you are looking for a colorful golf set that will make you feel bolder and yet subtle, Orlimar’s Allante Ladies golf package set is undoubtedly the best shot you have got. The amazing blue color of the cart bag looks awesome against the clubs’ black and pink shades. Since its launch, the club set has become women’s favorite who wants to learn golf in a better way.


The shaft is made from graphite, which will prove to be more lightweight than any other shaft material. This way, you will be able to strike the ball to the hole in different ways and from different angles.

The women’s set is a complete right-handed set. So, you won’t have to change the alignment of your grip every time you want to take a side shot.

The wooden clubs and the hybrid shaft have headcovers because they are more prone to damages than the putter and the iron clubs.


  • The clubs cannot be used as per your physique. The shafts aren’t customized as per the requirement.

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  1. Powerbilt countess platinum 15 piece ladies standard length LH golf package set

Powerbilt Countess Platinum 15 Piece Ladies Standard Length LH Golf Package Set

Another amazing masterpiece from the hands of Powerbilt- this particular golf set has stolen many hearts since the time it was launched. The amazing color combination of this golf set seems to be quite inviting and has a feminine essence, which is quite hard to get nowadays.


  • The fifteen different clubs that are present in this golf set are a driver, two different fairways, a single hybrid club, three PW and SW iron clubs, a putter with a mallet.
  • All the clubs have the shaft made from pure graphite. As we all know that graphite is one of the softest materials in the world, you can expect these clubs to be lightweight also.
  • Premium quality velvet grip has been used on the handles. This fabric will prevent the clubs from slipping away from your hand during the game.


  • The fabric of the bag isn’t too impressive. This is why you have to handle this cart bag with care and caution.
  • Only four headcovers are present in the package.

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Golf Set Buying Guide – Features to look for

There are a lot of different womens golf sets that you can find in the market. Even though most of the sets sound similar, there are a few things that differentiate them from one another. And it is these facts that will help you to choose the best club set for yourself.

  1. Club grip: The clubs’ grip is one of the essential components to consider while buying the club set. If your hands get sweaty easily and your grip falters, it will be best to buy the set having velvet or a rubber grip.
  2. The number of clubs in a set: Every club set consists of a driver, fairway, iron club, wooden club, hybrid club, and a putter. Now, the number of each of these clubs will vary from one set to the other. It depends upon you how many clubs you want to buy in a set for yourself.
  3. The cart bag’s nature: The cart bag is an additional component that comes along with a set. There are two types of bags: free standing bags and a bag with a stand. Now, if you want a more versatile bag, choose a set that provides a stand bag rather than the normal ones.
  4. The material of the shaft: The shafts of each club are made from different materials. In one set, you might have the clubs made from graphite while in some other set, you might get the clubs having steel shaft. So, you need to choose the set properly, keeping in mind that the shaft’s raw material will differentiate between the clubs’ weights.
  5. Budget: This is another aspect to consider while buying a club set is the price. Do make sure that you are aware of the price range of the top club sets before you make the final decision.
  6. Beginner or pro club sets: Lastly, you need to buy the set based on the use. This means that if you are a pro, then you need a set having rough and heavy clubs for a better swing. But, if you are a pro, you have to choose a beginner’s club set.

Additional information

Basic information on the various golf club types

Before you buy a club set, you need to know a little bit about the basic club types to buy the perfect set easily.

  • Iron clubs: These have iron club heads, which are a little smaller than any other club heads. They almost seem like blades, where the circumference gets thinner as one will move from the front to the back. The club heads have the faces in an angled position, the structure is known as a loft. Because of this angle, you will be able to strike the ball accurately. Also, as the number of the club will increase, the angle of the blade increases for harder shots while the shafts become smaller in length.
  • Hybrid clubs: Well, this is the newest type of club that is now being added to the golf set. Just from the name, you can understand that the clubhead is made from two different elements: iron and wood. Since these are made from two different components, hitting the ball with a hybrid club head is easier than using an iron clubhead for the shot.
  • Wooden clubs: The wooden clubs can be divided into two types- the driver and the fairway clubs. These clubs have quite large heads, making it easier for the golfers to hit the ball hard. However, since the surface area is more, you will have to put extra effort into hitting the ball for a long distance.
  • Wedges: Four different wedges are available in a golf set, namely the pitching wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and the lob wedge. Even though these clubs have the same head design as the iron clubs, you will find the heads to be more angled for a higher degree of loft. With these clubs, you can do shorter shots and pitch shots.
  • Putter: This is one of the versatile club designs that you can get in a golf set. It makes it possible for the golfers to finalize the hole and put/roll the ball into the cup.

Why are the golf clubs numbered serially?

Take a look at the different clubs in a golf set; you will find that each such shaft is numbered in a specific way. Now, there is a utility of these numbers which every amateur golfer must know. As you know that each clubhead face has an angle for striking the ball, these angles are known as a loft. And the numbers which you see on the clubs resemble the loft.

The lower golf number indicates that the club faces have a low angle, which will help you to strike the ball to a greater distance but at a low trajectory height. However, if you go up the numbers, you will see that the loft angle increases in intensity. So, the more the angle more will be the trajectory height from the ground.


Choosing a particular womens golf set is undoubtedly overwhelming, especially if you don’t know a single thing about the clubs. So, you need to be sure when you want to buy the best set. As there are many top golf accessory companies, you must do your homework before choosing your favorite company. Buy a set with the correct number of clubs that you need for practice and playing the game. Also, be careful about the material of the cart bag. After all, you wouldn’t want the bag to suffer wear and tear easily.


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