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Golf is one of the most played games in leisure time. If you take a look at the statistics board, you will find that most people prefer to walk into the golf field and play the game rather than get involved in other sports. This is why perhaps most of the building complexes and gated communities have their golf course.

Now, since we will be talking about the relationship between this game and the women players today, we ought to speak about the first thing you will need: a proper dress. Men can wear simple track pants and a t-shirt for playing. For women, there are multitudinous outfit options. That’s what we will be discussing today- the best women’s golf outfits!

10 Best Women’s Golf Outfits Reviews


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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
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Best Women’s Golf Outfits - Reviews & Buying Guide 2020 1 Amazon.com
  1. Ruffle Dress

We are keeping this brand right at the beginning because Liza is known as one of the best women’s dress brands all across the sports world. Be it golf or tennis, Liza has become quite popular, and hence mentioning one of its dresses is a must.


  • The dress’s ruffled pattern is unique. It can be quite fantastic apparel for your day games. 
  • It has a racerback structure with tightly fitted narrow straps that won’t put much pressure on your shoulder blades. 
  • The back of the dress is completely covered, thereby helping you hide your sports bra in the best possible manner, 
  • The upper part of the dress and the ruffled skirt has a purple shade while the rest of the dress has a regular striped pattern horizontally.
  • The skirt has two layers of ruffles, ending slightly above the mid-thigh. This particular design will help you a lot in playing golf freely. 



  1. Gg Blue Nova Golf Dress

There is a specialty about this particular brand- the designers are women, so they understand what a dress needs to be one of the best women’s golf outfits. This is why their women’s sports apparels are quite trendy, modern, luxurious, and even fashionable. This dress is the epitome of sophistication and elegance, thereby making it one of the best choices for your golf lessons.  


  • The dress’s collars are made from simple fabric that doesn’t add discomfort or heaviness on your neck and shoulder blade region. 
  • There is a small zipper plunging down the neckline, which enhances the relaxation of the dress.
  • The fantastic print of the dress makes it look both fashionable and sporty. 
  • Since polyester is used in clothing manufacturing, it is lightweight and free, which helps you play golf in the best way. 
  • There are two side slit pockets; a little shifted from the side stitch of the dress. 


  1. Abeline Dress

Mother Putters is one of the best golf brands for women. Their main motto is to recreate the apparel trends into a modern, sophisticated, and athletic design. This is why this particular Abeline dress has become so popular amongst the women league of the golf players.


  • The sleeveless, mid-thigh dress was made from the lightweight, polyester fabric, which makes it breathable. 
  • The neckline has thick piping with no collars, which might save you from the high-neck design’s suffocating feelings. 
  • The upper top has a simple white structure, but the skirt has an amazing patterned design with a zigzag design. 
  • The dress comes with an additional sleeveless jacket with a zipper down at the front. 
  • This jacket has though a high neck design with fitted collars that are designed in a raised pattern. It has the same design as the skirt and forms a perfect combination with the dress.


  1. Neon Dentist

The designer house of this amazing golf dress is Foray Golf. The house always infuses contemporary sports art with modern golf apparel trends. Hence, their dresses come out as some impeccable pieces. The Neon Dentist is one of their precious outfits- perfect for your golf play anytime during the day.


  • The entire package has two parts- a sleeveless polo shirt made from orange fabric, and a mid-thigh skirt having white pastel shade. 
  • The polo is sleeveless, and the designer house has included a long column of button-down features right at the front to enhance the fitness of the apparel. 
  • It has a high-neck structure with taut collars that exude a sporty vibe. 
  • The skirt has a thick but fitting waistline. It has a flowing design with a seamless hemline that will help you to move freely. 


  1. Ladies Florence Cap Sleeve Golf Dress

If you are looking for a free-flowing golf dress, this particular dress from Greg Norman will be your perfect choice. The Greg Norman golf apparel collection is known worldwide, thanks to the infused thoughts from the golf legend- The Shark. The apparels reflect the ideas of sportsmanship, freedom, and enthusiasm- the perfect three combinations to pot the ball while you are playing


  • The fabric is made from 100% polyester, which makes the dress light, and breathable. Also, the stitches available in the dress are done in an interlocking pattern that guarantees the apparel’s longevity. 
  • There are two front pockets in the dress, and one single back pocket. 
  • The shorts have a seamless design.
  • It has a V-neck design that has piping with black fabric. The same piping design can be found across the upper part of the dress and around the waistline. 


  1. Ladies Monarch Sleeveless Print Golf Dress

Well. If you are looking forward to buying apparel that can be worn for both everyday evening walk, and your golf practice, Bette & Court will be your best shot. The brand has got more popularity because of its “sun protection” feature, which is because of the mesh underneath the main apparel fabric.


  • The snugness of the sleeveless seam and the high neck collared structure will help you to move around the field easily. 
  • It has a flower print on a light blue base in the green, navy blue, and white shades. 
  • It has a straight-line structure which will help you to fit into the dress without having any problem. 
  • The dress has a seamless bottom, which will help you move your legs without any restrictions. 
  • Polyester, and spandex are used to fabricate this dress, which makes it lightweight and breathable. 


  1. Mina Sleeveless Golf Dress

In case you are preparing for a friendly competition with your friend on the golf fields, this particular Mina sleeveless dress is the perfect apparel for you. Coming from the designer hands of Scratch70, this dress features a sporty look with a feminine touch, which undoubtedly helps you to stand out in the crowd, no matter against whom you are playing.  


  • The color of the dress is navy blue mixed with white- making it perfect for both night, and day time games.
  • The dress has a slightly loose fit, which will help you play for long hours without having to deal with sweat stickiness.
  • The collars, the neckline, and the pocket linings have a white patch of piping, which looks amazing against the matte navy blue color of the dress.
  • There are two side slit pockets, and a back pocket in the apparel.
  • With this dress, you will get a navy blue under short.
  • The fabric used in the manufacturing of the dress is polyester with an elastine blend that makes it lightweight, and airy.


  1. Mock Scuba Dress Giraffe Bb Gum

Another famous brand for women’s golf dress is Bethdepass. The brand has gained quite a spotlight, thanks to its lightweight dresses, and a fantastic collection. This particular dress, too, is perfect for playing golf with your girlfriends on the weekends. The dress makes you look outstanding on the field and helps you look gorgeous on an evening walk around the field.


  • The slight plunging neckline has a collar, snugly fitting the neck, which will help you keep the sun away from your upper torso. 
  • The dress will fit your torso snugly, thereby helping you to play swiftly, and pot the ball easily without missing a chance. 
  • It has a leopard print, but not in the usual color shades. On a black fabric, the leopard prints are done using a pink color, which makes the dress look unique.


  1. Elastic Waist Sleeveless Golf Dress

Puma has always been people’s favorite whenever it came to the sports or workout wears. If you take a close look at the popular sportpersons’ dresses, you will most of the time see that Puma sponsors their wear. This is why this particular dress is quite on the top for the women’s golf dresses. The milky pink color of the apparel will complement either your tanned skin or the white skin. You can even pair the dress with high-heeled Puma white skaters- a perfect accessory for playing golf in an open field.   


  • The high neck collared design will protect your skin from getting tanned. 
  • The waistline has an elastic structure with a rope with which you can adjust the dress’s snugness. 
  • The skirt portion has a slight flowy structure to allow your movement during the game. 
  • The small short that comes with the dress will help you to play freely. 


  1. Womens Lace Waist Dress

Another famous sports company for women dresses in Nike. This particular brand has gained a lot of popularity across the world, and thanks to that, we can prefer this particular dress for playing golf in your leisure time. The matte black color of the sleeveless dress certainly complements the entire design of the apparel.


  • Sleeveless design enhances the movement of your arms for striking the ball. 
  • There is a small zipper in the front down the neckline, which makes you feel relaxed. If you feel hot under the scorching sun, you can easily pull down the zipper. 
  • The upper part of the dress perfectly hugs your torso while the flowing nature of the skirt won’t restrict your movement that much. 
  • The racerback structure of the dress helps you to hide the bra straps underneath. 
  • The waistline has a lacy structure, which will help your skin to breathe. 


Golf Outfit Buying Guide – Features to look for

As you can see, these brands have introduced tons of different dresses, shirts ad tees, skirts, and even pants. So, it might be different for you to choose particular apparel from this long list. So, here is a brief buying guide which will help you to make a perfect choice.

  1. Durability: The first thing that you need to understand is that a sports dress endures a lot of wear and tear. Hence, whatever dresses you buy, needs to be durable. This will make the dress long-lasting and smooth.
  2. Fitness: You won’t be able to play swiftly if the dress is hugging your torso loosely. So, you need to buy a dress that will fit around your body perfectly, yet leaving enough room for your skin to breathe air freely. 
  3. Fabric choice: next is the choice of the fabric. Polyester, elastic blends, and spandex are some of the most popular fabrics used in manufacturing the dresses. Hence, make sure you know about the cons and pros of the fabrics before choosing one.
  4. Apparel choice: you need to decide what kind of golf apparel you will need for your games. If you are comfortable with dresses, there are abundant options. If you want to play a heated game, shorts or skirts with a sleeveless polo will be the best choice.
  5. Added features: in the section of the added features, you will have options like jackets, pockets, collars, high neck designs, front neckline zippers, etc.



Before we end the discussion, there are certain other things that you would like to know about the golf clothing for women. So, let’s find out the treasures!

Different types of golf clothing accessories for women

Buying apparel isn’t the last thing you need to take care of before walking into the golf field. Along with the dress, you will need a certain set of different accessories, which we will discuss now.

  1. Golf hats: Since most of the time golf is played right under the scorching heat of the sun, you might need a hat to save yourself from dehydration or fainting. Some of the best-branded golf hats are:
  1. Gloves: If your palms get sweaty, and you feel the golf rod slipping, you would want to wear the gloves. Since regular gloves might restrict you from playing, here are some options you might want to try.
  1. Sports shoes: The next thing you need is a proper sports shoe. You can either choose sneakers or the skaters but you have to be sure that the shoe is the epitome of comfort, and fashion.
  1. Short jackets: Some women prefer wearing a jacket over their golf clothing. These jackets can be sleeveless, short-sleeved, or full-sleeved. The length of the golf jackets are usually short, either ending below your bust or at your waistline.

Some golf clothing options if you don’t have a proper golf dress

If you can’t find your golf dress, and you have an urgent game class right within the next fifteen minutes, you might need this clothing guide. Here, we will describe an apparel list wearing which you will be able to play the game for the time.

  • Sleeveless polo shirts, zipped tees, or high neck collared tees.
  • Track pants, jogging shorts, quarter pants, or bell pants.
  • Mid-thigh skirts, small shorts in the shape of night boxers or the under-shorts.
  • The shoes might have spikes to help you step on the field without slipping. Also, the sole should be made from hard rubber so that your feet can feel comfortable while playing.
  • If you are wearing socks, it must be either ankle length or mid-calf length. Also, make sure that the fabric is light, and must absorb sweat, which will help you from getting sweaty.
  • Sunglasses will help you to protect your eyes from the sun rays if you want to hit the ball high up in the sky.


Popular women golf players have always said that playing well isn’t the only thing you need to have to win the game. Instead, you need to be dressed up appropriately in comfortable and yet fashionable attire that will help your skin breathe and aid you in playing the game without losing your stance. The dresses and the brands that we have mentioned here are of the top quality, and they always stay in the spotlight. So, choosing them for your golf attire will help you to look amazing in the fields. The buying guide will also help you choose the best attire from amongst the options you will have.

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