Best Golf Snacks – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020


For some people, golf is a game of leisure and relaxation. Some even think that golfers don’t also have to spend half the energy as other players do in other sports. There are many misconceptions about this particular game, and these are just a handful of them. But, in reality, golf is equally energy-consuming as other games, be it cricket or rugby. When you are playing golf, you need your physical stamina, and you will need your brain’s power. After all, the game is all about strategy and the powerful hit. To aid in this fantastic stamina-intelligence combination, you will need the best golf snacks.

Comparison table

Name Gluten-free Antioxidant-rich Protein-source Omega-fatty acids
Nourish snacks chewy chocolate peanut butter granola bites Y N Y Y
Crispy green natural freeze-dried fruits, fruit variety pack Y Y N N
RxBar- Protein bar, variety pack- 8 count Y N Y Y
Go raw sprouted flax seeds Y Y N N
Chef’s cut real steak jerky Y N Y N
Matt’s munchies Y Y N N
Paleta Power Up energy bars Y N Y Y
Crave box- healthy snacks care package Y Y Y Y
Rhythm’s superfoods kale chips Y Y N N
Orchard valley harvest antioxidant mix Y Y N N


Best Golf Snacks Reviews

Nourish Snacks Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bites

Nourish Snacks Gluten Free Chewy Granola Chia Bites, Chocolate Peanut Butter, 1 Ounce (12 Count), Non GMO

As you need a lot of energy to hit the ball till it drops into the hole, you need food that will be nutritious for your body and provide a lot of energy. And truth be told, nothing can be more suitable than peanut butter. Since this variety of nut is rich in omega fatty acids and carbs, you will get instant energy while playing.


  • The granola bar is gluten-free, one of the main features that have proven to be beneficial for golfers.
  • The bites are made from whole grain oats- a healthy nutrient that will provide a lot of vitamins and minerals to your body. Other ingredients in the bar are chia, chocolate, and peanut butter.
  • The bar is rich in fibers, which will help your body work graciously on the golf course.
  • It has been estimated that this granola bar is so full of nutrients that after a few bites, your body will be able to harness a hundred and twenty calories of energy.


  • If you have the slightest amount of allergy from peanuts, this granola bar won’t be helpful.
  • If you have diabetes, it will be better to ignore this granola bar since it contains a natural sweetener- the chocolate.

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Crispy Green Natural Freeze-Dried Fruits, Fruit Variety Pack

Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit, Single-Serve, Tropical Variety Pack, 0.35 Ounce (16 Count)

This is a complete nutrition package, thanks to the sixteen different energy bars present in this Crispy Green Natural Freeze golf snack pack. Even though the dried fruit bars are single-serve in nature, after eating one bar, you will feel rejuvenated, and your hunger will be curbed down to a great extent.


  • Sixteen different flavored fruit bars are present in the pack, with a single-serve size.
  • The bars are free of any gluten-based additive. Also, since the bars have no added confectionary sugar, the snack pack will be perfect for golfers having problems with sugar.
  • The various flavors present in the pack are strawberry, apple, mango, pear, tangerine, and pineapple.
  • Only fresh fruits are used in the making of these energy-rich bars, after which they are frozen, which helps the bar retain its nutrient content.
  • The bars are crunchy, which will add a taste in your bite. Also, since fresh fruits are frozen and dried, the bars give away the exact taste of the concerned fruit.


  • The pineapple bar is a little bit chewy since the bar doesn’t have high moisture content.
  • If you are looking for a high-calorie snack, this dried fruit package won’t serve you the purpose since it gives away only sixty calories.

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Rxbar- Protein Bar, Variety Pack- 8 Count

RxBar Real Food Protein Bars 8 Flavor Variety Pack, 2 Each, 16 Total Count

When you are playing golf for quite a long time in a single day, you will need a lot of energy to take the swings and hit the ball far across the field. This is why having a protein-based snack is a feasible idea than any other kind of food. The protein propels you in taking some real big swings and helps in the fast recovery of your worn-out body tissues.


  • This particular energy bar is a rich source of protein, which will help your body to cope with the constant wear and tear of the muscle cells.
  • No gluten is added during the processing of this energy bar. Hence, it’s perfect for people who suffer from gluten intolerance.
  • This RxBar is made of different ingredients, namely- egg whites, which are the protein source, dates which bind the amino acid chains, and delicious nuts, which add texture to the bite.
  • The fourteen peanuts present in this energy bar are not only the source of protein but also the source of essential omega fatty acids that simply accelerate your body’s metabolic rate.


  • If you are not into peanuts and dates, you should avoid this protein bar.
  • Also, taking too many of this energy bar will lead to an increased weight since all the three ingredients are rich in carbs and fat.

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Go Raw Sprouted Flax Snax

Go Raw Superfood Flax Snax, Gluten Free Crackers, Zesty Pizza, 3 oz. Bags (Pack of 6) — Keto | Organic | Vegan | Paleo | Natural

Flax seeds are one of the most nutritious foods that you can have for your daily golf routine. And since this particular snack brand consists of the sprouted flaxseeds, you are going to have a blast of energy once you eat this food.


  • The main ingredient of this energy bar is the sprouted flax seeds. Apart from this, you will have sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted sesame seeds, tomato, lime juice, tomato powder, spices, and high-quality sea salt.
  • All the ingredients are organic, and hence, no added preservatives are present in this golf snack.
  • The cracker is free of any gluten, thereby helping you to avoid any sort of allergic reactions.
  • Also, it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids- a group of amino acids that helps your body to harness more energy in a short period.


  • Eating this cracker all alone isn’t a great idea because it doesn’t contain hunger curbing elements. So, it will be better if you pair it with tuna, salad, or avocado.
  • The plain taste of the crackers won’t satisfy your taste buds.
  • Also, the nutrient content of the food isn’t varied. Hence, you need to look for an additional source of vitamins and carbs.

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Chef’s Cut Real Steak Jerky

Chef's Cut Real Steak Original Recipe Jerky, 2.5 Ounce (4 Pack)

If you have a gig for meat, specifically for steak, this Chef’s cut real steak jerky will be the best shot for you. Although some people will consider it an improper snack item for golfing, you can never underestimate the high nutritional content that comes with this food packet.


  • The beef used in the manufacturing of this golf snack is of the best quality. It is hand-picked, and hence, nothing can ever go wrong with the meat.
  • The beef slices are tossed in three different sauces to add flavors and taste: Worcestershire sauce, horseradish sauce, and the tangy soy sauce.
  • The round sirloin piece is used as a source of the premium cut beef. The meat is cooked to perfection- medium rare, with the fibers being tender and juicy.
  • In a single-serve, you will be able to have around ten grams of protein in your gut.
  • It is a keto snack, which is quite hard to find, especially for athletes like golfers.


  • If you are allergic to the heat of peppers and sauces, don’t try out this beef jerky.

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Matt’s Munchies

Matt's Munchies Mango Organic Non-GMO Peelable Fruit Snack 12 Pack Caddy (1 Ounce)

For a sweet tooth person, Matt’s munchies will serve as a great quick golf snack. In a single pack, you will get twelve pouches- They all have flavored candies for pampering your taste buds.


  • The primary ingredient of the candies is mango- a delicious, flavored, and highly nutritious fruit.
  • The candies are non-GMO, as declared by the FDA after putting the snack through several food tests. Also, it lacks gluten, which is undoubtedly a good thing for gluten-intolerant people.
  • The mangoes used in the making of the candies are kind of organic. As a result, there will be no preservatives or artificial confectionary sugar in the food.
  • Even though mango pulp is the star ingredient, you will taste juicy coconut flakes in the candies.


  • If you want to stay out of sugar, this mango-based candy isn’t a perfect idea because this delicious and juicy fruit is rich in glucose and other types of sugars.
  • As the candies are made only from mango and coconut, you won’t get a variety of nutrients for your golf health.

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Paleta Power up Energy Bars

PALETA POWER UP Hand-Crafted Energy Bars Crispy Sunflower 10 Pack

Just like the name sounds, this energy bar is perfect for pampering your palettes and taste buds. It is super delicious and comes with high energy content, which is indeed perfect for golfers. If you are a regular golf player and are preparing for a tournament, you must include this Paleta Power Up Energy Bar in your daily diet.


  • All the ingredients used in making up this energy bar are organic. They are cultivated in proper conditions and in farms where no fertilizers or other chemicals are used.
  • The major ingredients of this energy bar are dried cranberry walnuts, tahini, pea protein, sunflower seeds, coconut nectar, almond raisins, dates, peanut butter, sesame seeds, whole grain oats, and pepitas.
  • The use of whole grain oats in combination with various seeds makes the energy bar highly nutritious.
  • The fatty acids present in the bar are monosaturated fats that are good for your body and heart.
  • The amazing collection of fruits, namely cranberries, dates, figs, and raisins, will add a long list of vitamins and minerals to the energy bar.


  • Before eating the bar, make sure you aren’t allergic to peanuts because the nut butter is the main ingredient of the snacks.
  • Also, because of the presence of high-calorie ingredients, taking this snack frequently or in a huge number won’t do any good to your health.

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Crave Box- Healthy Snacks Care Package

CraveBox Healthy Care Package (30 Count) Natural Food Bars Nuts Fruit Health Nutritious Snacks Variety Gift Box Pack Assortment Basket Bundle Mix Sampler College Students Office Staff Back to School

The name of the snack suits the features. That’s why perhaps it has become so popular amongst the golfers all around the world. It is indeed one of the most delicious and nutritious snack collections that you should try out.


  • Since thirty different snack packets are present, you won’t have to buy it every now and then. So, it is a money saver in the long run without a doubt.
  • Each of the bars has different ingredients with different flavors. Some of them are popcorn, veggie straws, Nutri-Grain breakfast bar, fig bar, fruit and a nut granola bar, oats and a honey granola bar, sweet and salty granola bar, fruit snacks, sandwich crackers, and chewy granola bars.
  • The star ingredients of each bar are grown organically, with no added preservatives and sugar.
  • The bars are gluten-free, and hence they will help your body to stay healthy and avoid unexpected reactions.


  • Even though thirty different snack bars are present, individually, they aren’t a fuller, and hence, you won’t be able to survive on these granola bars all alone.

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Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips

Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips, Variety Pack, Original/Zesty Nacho/Kool Ranch/Mango Habanero, Organic and Non-GMO, 2.0 Oz (Pack of 4), Vegan/Gluten-Free Superfood Snacks

If you are looking for something vegan and highly nutritious, nothing can be as good as this Rhythm’s superfoods kale chips! Originally, kale is said to be the storehouse of nutrients, and that’s why many golfers love this particular on-course snack for their daily food diet.


  • The kale used in the manufacturing of this snack is organic and grown in farms where no artificial boosters are used.
  • The kale leaves are dried under hot temperature, which gives a crispy texture to the snack. Since it is not fried, there is no accumulation of toxins or loss of any important nutrients from the fresh kale leaves.
  • Seven different flavors of the kale chips are present. These include the zesty nacho with cheese and zingy spices, honey mustard with raw honey and mustard sauce, kool ranch with a ranch dressing and hints of dill and garlic, and even the mango habanero which has the tangy flavor of the mango and the undertones of some spices.
  • Kale is rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, manganese, calcium, carotenoids, potassium, and fibers- all of which will help you stay healthy for your next day golf games.


  • The original kale leaves flavor might come out as a dehydrated flavored chip. It usually loses most of its water content, and with no added flavor, the chips will feel like dried leaves.

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Orchard Valley Harvest Antioxidant Mix

ORCHARD VALLEY HARVEST Antioxidant Mix, 1 oz (Pack of 8), Non-GMO, No Artificial Ingredients

For athletes, the presence of antioxidants in the diet is as important as the regular nutrients. This is why you need this particular golf snack from Orchard Valley Harvest. From the name itself, you will know that the antioxidant mix comprises elements which are the rich sources of the bioactive component.


  • The antioxidant mix contains a series of ingredients like almonds, dried cranberries, blueberries, cashews, and pepitas.
  • It is a rich source of Vitamin E, one of the essential nutrients that your body will need for coping with the constant exposure to physical exercises.
  • The antioxidant mix doesn’t have any sort of gluten, sugar, and even preservatives. As a result, all the ingredients are cultivated from pure organic farms.


  • If you are diet conscious and don’t want to gain some extra weight, eating this snack regularly is not a good idea.
  • This pack is costlier than any other type of snacks, primarily because the ingredients present in the mix can be easily found in the supermarkets at a lower price.

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Golf Snacks Buyer’s guide

Buying golf snacks from an online store isn’t an easy job. You must stay healthy and the list of nutrients you are receiving from the snack food. So, to ease your dilemma, here we have come up with a buying guide that will direct you to buy the best snack for yourself.

  1. First, consider the budget because, without it, you will certainly spend more than what was planned for. So, look around and get a hint about the normal price range of different snacks. This will give you an idea about the cost.
  2. Choose a snack that has proper labeling saying that it is GMO-free, gluten-free, and less glycemic.
  3. Be careful about your health conditions. For example, suppose you have a set of energy crackers that have peanut as the main ingredient. Now, if you have any sort of allergy with the peanuts, you can never eat the crackers.
  4. Check once about the flavors and learn whether you will need some add-ons with the energy snacks.

Additional information

Homemade snacks for golfers

If you are not looking for packaged foods to fill your stomach during your golf game, you can take the homemade snacks. Below we have brought you some best snack ideas that will be perfect for your energy levels and your overall health.

  • Granola bars: These energy crackers are usually made from butter, nuts, fruits, raisins, etc. All these ingredients are the best sources for carbs, fat, protein, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Mixed yogurt and blueberries: Freeze the berries overnight so that you can easily mix the fruit with the yogurt and have it for your meal on the golf field.
  • Popcorn: Now, it might sound like a bit weird, but popcorn helps curb down your hunger. Also, it will allow you to pamper your taste buds for a while.
  • Eggs: Nothing can serve as a better source of protein and carbs other than eggs. Even though there are many ways to eat the egg, we suggest you go for the hard-boiled one for your golf practice meals.
  • Mashed potato with sautéed veggies: If you plan for a meal after a tournament or a heavy-duty practice session, this particular homemade snack idea is best. You can add a little bit of cheesy goodness to the mashed potato and couple it with sautéed asparagus, avocado, bell peppers, and carrots.
  • Mixed nuts: Nuts are the epitome of helpful monosaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 molecules. Each nut has a varying proportion of these fatty acids, so it will be better if you take a mix of nuts. To add more flavors, you can use caramel to form a crust of the sweetened nut mixture.
  • Banana sandwich with butter: Banana is a great source of energy and protein. It lowers your hunger craving by a considerable amount. So, taking a banana sandwich is a great idea. You can use peanut butter also as an add-on with the sandwich.
  • Baked vegetable chips: If you are a vegan, then this snack idea will seem more appealing to you than anything else. Baked vegetable chips will allow your body to get different types of nutrition, which isn’t possible if you take only a single vegetable chip.
  • Mixed green salad: For a green salad, you can use kale, spinach, basil, avocado, onion, dill, and some roasted nut crumble to add texture to the salad.
  • Fresh fruit salad: Another great idea for the best golf snack is having a bowl of fresh fruits cut to perfection. You can prepare a bowl of berries one day while a bowl of citrus fruits the next day.
  • Smoothies: If you are not a fan of fruits or vegetables raw, then the perfect way of having their nutrition is in the form of a smoothie. These drinks are not only delicious but also highly nutritious for your health. Some smoothie ideas are banana and peanut butter smoothie, carrot and papaya smoothie, mint, kale and avocado smoothie, and so on.


Nutrition is essential for golfers, regardless of whether you are just an amateur or an expert player. This is why you need the best organic packaged snack having ingredients which are high on nutrition level. We understand that choosing the best snacks is not easy. That’s where our buying guide will help you.

Also, if you depend on a single kind of snack, your body receives the same nutrition.  This might have side effects. That’s why it’s better to mix and match different types of snacks having different star ingredients. This will help you to get a balanced proportion of both the macro and micronutrients.


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