Best golf skirts – Reviews & Buying Guide 2020



When you’re out on the golf course, your mind focuses on the hole in the distance. The last thing you want to worry about is your skirt riding up or a shirt making you sweat. Your outfit should fit you like skin. Women have many golfing outfit choices, and many women prefer to wear a skirt with a cute blouse or polo shirt. Skirts are sophisticated, feminine, and airy. But how do you choose the best golf skirts?

The most popular sports brands in the world have some fantastic designs of golf skirts. So, how is it possible to choose the best ones among them? You need to check out the different features of the different skirts to evaluate the best ones for yourself. But there’s one more thing that demands your attention. It’s the clothing etiquette! Do you know why? Not complying with protocol can prevent you from playing.

So, let’s take a look at the list of the best golf skirts and understand how to pick the right ones.


10 Best Golf Skirts Reviews

Wondering which are the best golf skirts to buy this year? Take a look at the list that we have curated for you!

Product Material Shorts Pocket Color Price Rating
Nike Cotton/Polyester Yes Yes Multiple Solids $65 3.7
Royal & Awesome Cotton/Spandex Yes Yes Solids and Patterns $59.95 – $69.04 4
Yogipace UPF 50+ Yes Yes Black and Blue $39.99 – $40.99 4.6
BALEAF Nylon/Spandex; UPF 50 Yes Yes Multiple Solids $28.99 4.1
Ekouaer Polyester/Spandex Yes Yes Multiple Solids $25.99 4.3
XrSzChic Nylon/Polyester/Spandex Yes Yes Multiple Patterns $17.66 – $36.88 3.8
Adidas Polyester/Elastane Yes Yes Black, Khaki, and White $65.00 – $75.00 3.9
RBX Polyester/Spandex Yes Yes Multiple Solids $40.49 4.6
STYLEZONE Polyester/Spandex Yes Yes Solids and Patterns $9.99 – $24.99 4.4
Colorado Clothing Polyester/Spandex Yes No Solids and Patterns $16.58 – $41.49 4.6



  1. Nike Women’s Dri-fit Skirt 17″

NIKE Women's drifit Skirt 17", Black/Black/Black, Small

If you love to sport a look that’s simple yet stylish, the Nike Dri-FIT is the skirt for you. It’s manufactured by one of the biggest sports brands, so you won’t need to worry about its quality and durability. The skirt has a flat fit with side seam piping that can contour your body.

It is made with Nike’s signature moisture-resistant Dry fabric, which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Designed for your ultimate control and convenience, this skirt’s inner shorts allow you to store the ball while playing. The gusset on them further adds to your comfort.


  • Keeps you dry and cool during the game
  • Creates an athletic and sleek look
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Breathable cotton with flexible polyester
  • Inner shorts to keep away all worries of sudden skirt lift


  • Not for women looking for bright and attractive skirts

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  1. Royal & Awesome Women’s Golf Skort Skirt

Royal & Awesome Women's Womens Golf Skort Skirt, King of Diamonds, US 2/UK 6

Add a little touch of fun to your golf game with the beautiful golf skort from the house of Royal & Awesome. This skirt range brings you an adorable blast of colors and patterns in a sleek and sophisticated cut. Made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex, this skirt will give you incredible comfort.

Royal & Awesome has a legion of fans – golfer women who love the brand’s funky sports outfits, including this skirt range. It is designed as a skort, i.e., shorts disguised as a skirt so that you can play confidently. It’s perfect for a game at the club – and a drink at the bar afterward.


  • Funky and colorful design range
  • Breathable and flexible material
  • Comes with pitch mark repairer cum bottle opener
  • Ideal for both sporting and post-match events
  • Skort design to give you comfort and confidence


  • May need to lubricate zippers to prevent getting stuck

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  1. Yogipace Women’s 4 Pockets UV Protection Modest Knee Length Skirt

Yogipace Women's 4 Pockets UV Protection 20" Modest Knee Length Skirt Athletic Running Golf Tennis Skort Zippered Pockets, Black, Size M

Are you looking for a long yet comfortable skirt that offers more coverage? The Yogispace knee-length skirt is what you need. It is one of the best skirts for women who prefer longer skirts and maintain a modest look while playing on the golf course. However, modesty isn’t its only benefit.

This skirt can be an excellent choice if you have long legs. It’s also great for preventing sunburns. It’s designed with mesh liner shorts for your comfort. The skirt also features four convertible pockets to carry the ball, gloves, phone, etc. It’s everything you could ask for in a golf skirt!


  • Sleek and sophisticated look
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Moisture-wicking fabric for a dry feel
  • Long skirts for leggy golfer women
  • Blocks harmful rays of the sun while playing


  • Simple and limited design options

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  1. BALEAF Women’s Outdoor Skort UPF 50 Active Athletic Skort Casual Skort Skirt with Zip Pockets

BALEAF Women's Outdoor Skort UPF 50 Active Athletic Skort Casual Skort Skirt with Zip Pockets Hiking Golf Gray XXL

Do you want to add the crispness of “business casual” to your golf game? The BALEAF outdoor skirt might just be what you’re looking for. BALEAF is noted for its sports skirts, and this skort is an example of why the brand is so popular. It’s comfortable, stylish, and budget-friendly.

Made of 88% nylon and 12% spandex, you can expect superb flexibility while playing. It’s so light and well-fitted that it feels like skin! What’s more, the soft stretch-shorts inside provide complete coverage so that you can play, run, or bend without worrying!


  • Moisture-wicking fabric for a dry feel while playing
  • Non-slip inner shorts for complete coverage and comfort
  • Stays wrinkle-free in heat and humidity
  • Zip flies and elastic waistband for better fit
  • Features four pockets for ball, phone, and other essentials


  • Limited style options

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  1. Ekouaer Women’s Athletic Golf Skorts

Ekouaer Athletic Skorts for Women Workout Running Golf Tennis Skirt with Pockets Sexy Golf Outfit Navy Blue

For a cute and youthful look on the golf course, you can pick this athletic skort from the house of Ekouaer. The first thing you’ll notice is the adorable design, with a flattening waistband, slim upper part, and a pleated section with ruffles. Plus, it’s lightweight and soft, made of 5% spandex and 95% polyester.

The skort’s design incorporates two layers for extra security, with the skirt layer covering the inner shorts. It has a hidden pocket in the shorts where you can keep all your essentials. It also has holes for headphones, making it perfect for workout sessions.


  • Fashionable activewear to participate in matches in style
  • Broad waistband to flatten waist and belly bulges
  • Flexible material and versatile design for all body types
  • Hidden holes and pocket for essentials and headphones
  • Built-in shorts with split design for security and confidence


  • No pockets in the outer skirt

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  1. XrSzChic Womens Tennis Golf Skirt

XrSzChic Womens Tennis Golf Skirt Athletic Exercise Printed Skorts Short Pocket (Tartan Black Plaid, Large)

For a feminine and athletic look on the golf course, the skirt from XrSzChic is an excellent choice. It is made of a unique blend of spandex, nylon, and polyester. This results in a soft fabric that sits comfortably on your skin while you focus on playing.

An exciting feature of this skirt range is that you can pick from several pattern options, from abstract plaid to tribal. You’ll also love the cut, with a tummy-flattening waistband and an A-line or ruffled bottom. It also has compression shorts with hidden pockets, designed to stay in place at all times.


  • Lightweight, soft, and flexible fabric
  • Inner shorts with silicone strips to prevent ride-ups
  • Flat, easy-to-adjust waistband to tuck tummy
  • Wide range of patterns and designs
  • Perfect for matches and after-game events


  • No option for a business casual look

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  1. Adidas Golf Women’s Essentials Pure Motion Skort

adidas Golf Women's Essentials Puremotion Skort, Black, X-Small

When it comes to sportswear, Adidas’ collection is trusted and loved by athletes around the world. This golf skirt is the perfect example of Adidas’ perfection. The fabric, with 90% polyester and 10% elastane, is ideal for sportswear, as it gives you complete flexibility to support your movements.

This skort has a pull-on style with an elastic band to give you full comfort. The hemline is uneven, with a higher back to help you stay active, It also has woven stretch shorts on the inside. The skirt is short enough for your comfort and yet has a modest look.


  • Flexible and breathable material for your comfort
  • Stretch woven shorts inside for better coverage
  • Conservative design with a business casual look
  • Perfect for women with extra-long legs
  • Clean and sleek look with an A-line shape


  • Available in only three colors

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  1. RBX Active Women’s Golf/Tennis Everyday Casual Athletic Skort with Bike Shorts

RBX Active Women's Fashion Stretch Woven Flat Front Golf/Tennis Athletic Skort with Attached Bike Shorts and Pockets New Spring Taupe L

If you’re looking for a skirt that seems like you mean business, the RBX casual skort is here to cater to your golf outfit needs. Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, it is light and breathable – the perfect material for a woman with an active lifestyle.

The inner biker shorts ensure complete coverage so that you don’t have to worry about a sudden skirt lift when there’s a wind or while bending over. The design incorporates multiple pockets, too. The overall look of the skirt makes it the ideal everyday casual wear.


  • Light and breathable material for your comfort
  • Bike shorts on the inside for better coverage
  • Pockets on the skirt and shorts for your essentials
  • Elastic and drawstring waistbands for the perfect fit
  • Wide range of colors to choose from


  • Becomes translucent in daylight

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  1. STYLEZONE Women’s Skorts

STYLEZONE Women’s Skorts Pleated Cute Skirts Sports Shorts with Pocket for Running Tennis Golf Workout Leaves S

For the fashionista who plays golf, the STYLEZONE skirt collection features a range of stylish golf skirts. Whether you want a bright color to jazz up your sporty look or a floral pattern for a touch of cuteness, this range has something that you will love to flaunt on the golf course.

You will also find basic colors like black, white, and grey. Besides, there are both ruffled and A-like cuts to select from. The breathable and stretchy material of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, along with elastic closure, gives you incredible comfort. It also has a double-layered design with shorts beneath the skirt.


  • Wide range of colors, patterns, and cuts
  • Soft, stretchable fabric to support all movements
  • Moisture-wicking material that dries quickly
  • Inner shorts with pockets and headphone jack
  • Perfect for sports and non-sports events


  • Varied price range, based on design and size

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  1. Colorado Clothing Women’s Everyday Skort

Colorado Clothing Women's Tranquility Skort, Black, Medium

Add variety to your sportswear collection with the Colorado Everyday Skort range. You can pick from a large number of colors and patterns to suit your mood of the day. You can also pick solid colors like blue, black, or white for a business casual look. It is designed with streamlined shorts for better coverage.

All skirts of the range are made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, making them incredibly flexible, soft, and breathable – not to mention wrinkle-free. The skirt flatters all body shapes and gives you a slimming look. The waistband is devised to prevent roll-ups so that you can concentrate on the game.


  • Wide range of colors and patterns
  • Resistant against wrinkles during all activities
  • Streamlined inner shorts for comfortable gameplay
  • Light and stretchable fabric for all movements
  • Soft material and flattering design for all body types


  • No pockets available

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Golf Skirt Buying Guide – Features to Look for in Golf Skirts

Now you know of the best golf skirts available in the market. But will you know which is the right one for you? The ideal way to pick the best golf skirt is to evaluate certain features. Check out these factors to consider at the time of purchasing your golf skirt!


a) Design

The skirt design is essential for you to experience command and comfort while playing. Some skirts come with attached shorts beneath so that you don’t have to worry about an accidental lift of the skirt when there’s a wind or if you bend over. Of course, you can also go for a skort, which is a short disguised as a shirt for your complete comfort. You can also look for added features like pockets and elastic bands.

b) Material

Material is essential for durability, washability, and comfort. The most popular material is cotton, considered a premium material because of its high durability, breathability, and lightness. The second most popular material is polyester, which is close to cotton in comfort and durability. In addition, it’s also an elastic and flexible material. You can also look for wrinkle-free and moisture-resistant fabrics.

c) Brand

There are many premium sports brands that are well-established in the world of golf – or any other sport – for manufacturing stunning and comfortable outfits for women. You can resort to them for high-quality skirts that will be durable and made of stellar quality. They may even be curated by fashion designers. Of course, they are more expensive. You’ll also find less expensive but good brands.

In the end, it comes down to your budget. Quality, comfort, durability, design, brand value – all these come at a price. But how much are you willing to pay for the skirt? You must consider all aspects, and pick the best product within your price. You should also think about the rules and regulations set by the LPGA at the time of purchasing a golf skirt.


Golf Skirt Etiquettes for Women by LPGA

If you’re playing in private clubs or at the private golf course of your complex, office, or educational institute, your outfit might not be essential. However, if you’re serious about playing golf professionally, you need to be careful about what you wear while playing golf.

Recently, the Ladies Professional Golf Association issued a set of guidelines for women regarding the clothes they can wear while playing golf. The establishment hasn’t exactly been appreciated for doing that. But hey! Rules are rules, and you can either complain about them – or prioritize the sport.



It is better for women to wear spandex or tights beneath the short skirts. If you feel that spandex or tights are too warm, you can wear a longer skirt. But how long is long enough to meet the standards? If the skirt’s hemline crosses the tips of your fingers when you’re standing up with your hands on either side, it’s an acceptable length.

Some clubs are a lot stricter, like San Francisco, Cypress Point, and Augusta. Without any exception, they will need you to wear a skirt that’s below your knees. As a woman, it is not mandatory for you to wear business casuals when you’re playing golf. To follow basic etiquettes, you should dress conservatively when you’re playing on the court.

The new rules that are about to be implemented say that the length of the skirt (or shorts and skorts) should be long enough to cover the “bottom area” of the woman at all times. This is applicable whether she’s bending over or standing up. The definition may not be too clear, but you must work with that. Remember that you are not allowed to wear denim or cutouts on the course either.



Sticking to the dress code will also mean that you need to pay attention to the top that you’ll wear with the skirt, you can pair it up with sleeveless tank tops, but a collared shirt with long sleeves will keep you on the safe side. It can be an exercise shirt or a button-down with a formal tone.

According to the new rules, you can also wear a racerback top with your skirt. However, make sure that it has a collar, whether regular or mock. This means that if the racerback doesn’t have collars, you can’t wear it. Also, remember not to wear anything with a plunging neckline.

Why is it important to follow the guidelines?

If your skirt length or any other aspect of the entire outfit does not match the guidelines set by the PGA or the club where you will have to play, you may be asked to leave. Golf clubs own the authority to stop you from playing if they think you’re dressed inappropriately.

As you can imagine, the whole incident can be quite embarrassing – not only for you but also for the club member who invited you. It’s also possible that you will be dropped from future invitee lists, as well. So ensure that you follow the basic rules of dressing.



Golf is called a gentleman’s game – and that’s mainly because of the etiquettes of the sport. The players, too, maintain a courteous persona on the course. The polite and refined ways of both male and female golf players are also reflected in their sophisticated clothes – and a golf skirt, paired with a top, can make or break the image of a woman in her golfing circle.

But you don’t have to worry about wearing the wrong skirt for any match – because now you know of the best golf skirts. You also know how to purchase the right one for yourself after considering the necessary factors, including the rules set by the LPGA for women. As long as you pair the golf skirt with a cute top, you’ll grab eyeballs on the course – and at the post-match party with your golfing buddies!


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