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As you know, there are different types of clubs made from different materials in a golf set. Each of these clubs has a specific purpose: making a bunker hit or a double eagle. However, in the entire set, the most important club is the iron. The name suggests that the club has at least a part made of metal. And yes, it’s true- in the irons, you will find the club heads made from steel with no trace of any other substance. Now, since the irons are the most important part of the entire set, today, we will be discussing the top ten iron sets from the star golf companies across the world.

Comparison table

Name Accuracy Control High ball speed Affordable price
Cleveland launcher CBX irons Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taylormade M6 irons Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cobra F8 irons Yes Yes Yes Yes

Cleveland UHX irons

Yes Yes No Yes
Mizuno MP-20 golf irons Yes Yes No No
TaylorMade P760 Irons Yes Yes Yes Yes
Titleist T100 Yes Yes No Yes
Callaway steelhead XR irons Yes Yes Yes No
Titleist Ap3 718 steel iron set, 4-PW Yes Yes Yes Yes
Callaway apex 19 irons, 4-PW Yes Yes No No


10 Best Golf Irons Reviews

Cleveland launcher CBX irons

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set

Cleveland is undoubtedly one of the best golf companies that you can find in the market. As a result, it’s iron set of the CBX version has become a favorite for average handicappers to pro golfers who like to compete in tournaments. The iron set is made from high-grade stainless steel, which makes the clubs more efficient.


  • The grooves are designed in a way where you will have a proper consistency in your spins from all directions.
  • The club head’s sole has a V-shape, which is best for both forgiveness and a lift across the bunkers and the turfs.
  • If you are hitting towards the toe on the field, this iron set will be your best shot.
  • When the club head comes in contact with the ball, you will hear a crisp sound- perfect for players focusing completely in the game.


  • The irons have a matte steel finish. This can be a great disadvantage since the surfaces are prone to scratches and marks.
  • If you are looking for shaping your ball during the hits, this iron set is not made for you.

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Taylormade M6 irons

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

Well, the M6 iron set is the improvised version of the M4 irons. The former was quite famous amongst all range of golfers, and hence, no wonder the M6 iron set has become one of the best selling options. The technologies after the improvement are terrific and quite commendable, and without a doubt, they will help you win a game effortlessly.


  • In this improved version, a speed bridge is connected between the club head and the bottom of the shaft. This provides the maximum speed to the ball after a hit.
  • The compression damper present in the club head reduces the unwanted vibrations all along the club length and provides a soft feel.
  • The three hundred and sixty-degree undercut will help you launch the ball at higher angles even on low impact forces.
  • The lofts will decrease as you go higher up the number, which is a plus point since you will produce a lift easily and effortlessly.


  • This iron set will certainly provide accuracy and speed. But, for a pro golfer, finesse matters, which isn’t a strong point of these irons.
  • The wedge has a PW set to forty-five degrees, which won’t produce high bunker shots.

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Cobra F8 irons

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron 2018 Cobra Golf Men's King F8 Iron Set 2020 Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set RH 5-PW Steel Stiff Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series (MP-20, MP-20 MMC, MP-20 HMB, MP-20 SEL) TaylorMade Golf P760 Men's Iron Set Titleist T100 Iron Set 4-PW GW True Temper AMT White S300 Steel Stiff Right Handed 38.0in Callaway Golf Steelhead XR Irons Set, Right Hand 5P St Reg, 5-PW, Set of 6 Clubs Titleist 718 AP3 Iron Set 4-PW GW True Temper AMT Black S300 Steel Stiff Right Handed 38.0in Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff, 4-9 Iron, PW, AW

Whenever you hear the word “Cobra”, your first thought will be about the snake that is so ferocious and vigilant. On a similar note, the Cobra irons are also ferocious and will help you dominate the field during your play schedule. The F8 iron set is the improvised version released into the market to help the golfers play up to their full potential.


  • The longer irons are the epitome of finesse and accuracy in the hits when you will be taking the shots.
  • The club face is designed so that it goes from being thinner at the edges to being thicker on the inside. This particular setup provides a huge amount of ball speed and forgiveness.
  • Different clubs have different groove designs, which have a specific benefit for the golfers. For example, the 7-PW iron has a U-shaped groove which will optimize the ball spin.


  • The club heads are a little heavier, which might become a problem when you play the bunker shots.
  • The designs etched on the face’s surface are very much prone to damages like scratches and corrosion.

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Cleveland UHX irons

2020 Cleveland Launcher UHX Iron Set RH 5-PW Steel Stiff

After the CBX iron sets, in 2020, Cleveland came up with a brand new iron set for all set of golfers. The UHX version of the irons is said to be a pro in practicing accuracy, finesses, and a nice hit speed on the ball. It has been found that Cleveland’s newest addition is a progressive set that will help the golfers to take another step further in their golf career.


  • The shorter irons present in the set have a cavity back design, which will help you impeccably take the short distance hits.
  • The longer irons have a hollow muscle back cavity design, bringing in accuracy and finesse in your long shots.
  • From the fifth iron club, the shafts become thicker, and the club heads get heavier, which will help you acquire supreme control over the swings.
  • The pitching wedge is designed in a way where you will be able to easily take the bunker and the pitch shots over a long distance.


  • Well, the iron set is a bit inclined towards the costly club set list, which might be a problem for golfers who are running tight on budgets.

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Mizuno MP-20 golf irons

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Series (MP-20, MP-20 MMC, MP-20 HMB, MP-20 SEL)

Mizuno has improved the designs in a way where every class of golfer can use it, be it a beginner who is still getting used to the feel of hitting with an iron or a professional whose hands are set to handle these clubs to its full potential. The structural improvements have made this iron set perfect for acquiring speed and finesse.


  • The irons’ sole has a U-shaped structure that will prevent the club from digging into the land at the time of hits.
  • If you have a soft corner for shaping the ball and the shot, this is the perfect iron set for you.
  • The lofts are increased to ensure that a golfer can hit the ball high up in the sky effortlessly.
  • The metal’s weight has been transferred to the edge, which provides more ball speed and forgiveness at the hit.
  • The use of copper and nickel-chrome coating layer on the carbon steel material gives a soft and efficient feel along the shaft on a hit.


  • The forgiveness factor of the irons isn’t that much efficient as expected.
  • The clubs have a matte finish, thereby rendering the heads to scratches and other damages.

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TaylorMade P760 Irons

TaylorMade Golf P760 Men's Iron Set

The P760 version of the irons has replaced both the P730 and P790 iron sets manufactured and designed by TaylorMade. The company has earned quite a commendable reputation in the market through its various golf accessories. This is why no sooner had it launched the P760 version than it was sold almost instantly.


  • The lighter club head face of the 3 to 7 iron clubs provide great speed to the ball and help you perfect your shot.
  • The feel of the shaft is something that you can’t ever ignore, no matter how heavy the shaft feels in your hand.
  • In the clubs, you will find the speed foam technology that will help you take the swings with ease for every shot type.
  • The club heads’ soles are quite thick, which will help you launch the ball high up in the air even with a low-face impact force.
  • The irons will help you gain supreme control over the spins, the ball speed, and the shots.


  • If you are looking for making great distance shots, this iron set won’t help you a lot.
  • The iron set is a bit costly as compared to its two replacement modules of P730 and P790.

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Titleist T100 Irons

Titleist T100 Iron Set 4-PW GW True Temper AMT White S300 Steel Stiff Right Handed 38.0in

After its introduction in 2019, the golf iron set has become quite famous among elite golfers who only look forward to bladed irons. So, if you are a professional player with years of experience, and if you are preparing for an upcoming tournament, buy this iron set at the earliest.


  • The irons’ structural and functional designs are formulated in a way where it will help the pro players achieve consistent and perfect shots, one after the other.
  • The club’s top line is relatively thin, which will help you gain more ball speed and more distance on the shots.
  • The irons have a high level of the forgiveness factor, which means you won’t be making any more bad and embarrassing shots out on the field.
  • The grips on the shaft handles are new and more advanced. The roughness of the grip surface will help you to grasp the clubs firmly.


  • The thinner edge might prove to be a disadvantage for some golfers, who are acquainted with thicker club faces.
  • The shaft is made of steel, which will add more weight to the entire club’s design.

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Callaway steelhead XR irons

Callaway Golf Steelhead XR Irons Set, Right Hand 5P St Reg, 5-PW, Set of 6 Clubs

If you are looking for a world-renowned brand for buying your new set of irons, you should head for Callaway. The company is already world-famous for their amazing club sets, cart bags, balls, and other golf accessories. So, its steelhead XR irons will also become equally famous, if not more, right?


  • The cup of the club faces has an angle of three hundred and sixty degrees. This angle cut provides great speed to the ball after the hit and, in turn, a great distance.
  • The steel material has an in-built shock absorbing technology that will help absorb the unwanted vibrations along the entire length of the club.
  • The club head’s weight is concentrated at the tip of the head, which will prevent you from making any bad and embarrassing shots.
  • The center of gravity of the club heads is located in a way where it will provide easy lift and a higher degree of launch angles.


  • The matte finish of the club head has made the surface vulnerable to scratches and damages.
  • For some elite golfers, this might look like a simple iron set with no such special specification.

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Titleist Ap3 718 steel iron set, 4-PW

Titleist 718 AP3 Iron Set 4-PW GW True Temper AMT Black S300 Steel Stiff Right Handed 38.0in

The 718 version is the latest addition from Titleist in the AP3 series, which has become quite famous over the years. The best part of the iron set is that it comes at a low price, which is perfect for most of the players who want a separate set of irons than their original club set.


  • The AP3 series has both the AP1 and AP2 series properties, which makes it one of the best iron sets from the company.
  • The edge starts from being thin for the longer irons and becomes thick until it reaches the shorter iron sets.
  • The club head is designed so that the irons provide the maximum level of forgiveness with each of your shots.
  • The irons’ shaft design will help you disperse the ball across the greens and the pitch in the best way.
  • The loft angles have been increased, which will provide more lift and speed for the ball.


  • You will have great distance shots and softer feel, but precision is not the forte of this iron set.
  • You won’t have the ultimate control over the ball spin, which is terrible for people who are looking for shot shaping.

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Callaway apex 19 irons, 4-PW

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set, Right Hand, Steel, Stiff, 4-9 Iron, PW, AW

Another amazing set of irons from none other than Callaway is the Apex iron set, version 19. This particular set has won a lot of appreciation and applause from golfers belonging to every class, starting from amateurs to the elite players. If you are an average handicap and want to make some remarkable shots on the field, you need to have this iron set for yourself.


  • The shaft is made from carbon steel, which provides a softer and lighter feel to your hands.
  • There is a dampening technology in the club head that will absorb the unnecessary vibrations and prevent the impact of hitting the palm of your hands.
  • The face cup has the perfect angle to launch the ball into the air at a great height. The cup angle ensures that you can have the ultimate control on the launch and not the other way around.
  • The CG is located in such a position that will allow you to take over the control of the spins and the ball’s speed after a shot.


  • Well, the only drawback of this iron set is its price. It comes with a bit higher cost, which can prove to be difficult for some players.

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Golf Irons Buying guide

Here, as you can see, we have discussed the top ten golf irons that are mostly chosen in 2020. Now, if we ask you to select any one of these for yourself, how will you choose the best one? Will it be a random choice, or do you have a strategy?

Well, to ease your confusion, here we have discussed a brief buying guide designed explicitly for purchasing the best golf irons. So, let’s start!

  1. Style of the iron heads: Now, the iron clubs have two major types of the head designs: the cavity back irons and the muscle back irons. Both these heads have a specific purpose, and hence you will have to buy the irons accordingly. If you are a beginner, you need the cavity back irons. On the other hand, if you are a professional pro player, muscle back irons will suit your style.


  1. Material of the shaft: The next thing to consider while buying the irons is the material with which the shaft is manufactured. The choice of the material will alter the weight and the grip of the entire club. Generally, steel and graphite are the two elements used for making the iron clubs’ shafts.


  1. Loft angle: Third is all about the loft angles. As we have discussed earlier, some iron sets have lower loft angles while some have higher degrees. The angle choice will depend on the type of shot you usually like to take with the irons.


  1. Type of the iron set: there are two major iron sets- Hybrid sets and a traditional iron set. A conventional set will consist of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron clubs with a gap wedge and a pitching wedge. However, in the case of the hybrid iron set, you will have a mix of wood and iron in the club head.


  1. Sole of the club head: Lastly, decide whether you want a thin sole for the club head edge or a thick sole. This will help you decide how high you will be hitting the ball without touching the surface. Also, a thinner sole will help you to establish more control over your shots.



Additional information

There are three main types of irons that you can find in a club set. These three types have specific designs, and they are made for a group of players. So, let’s have a look!

  • Super game improvement irons: From the name itself, you can understand that these iron sets are for those who are learning about golf from the beginning and are making some great mistakes at the time of hitting the ball. These irons are designed in a way where they will help you to take some decent shots, if not better ones, with a bit of accuracy and distance. In this set, the 3 to 5 irons are hybrid, whereas the 6, 7, 8, and the pitching wedge have the hollow cavity backs.


  1. The club heads are oversized, which will help an amateur player launch the ball into the air without putting much effort into the swing.
  2. The irons’ forgiveness factor is high, which means it will prevent you from making any embarrassing shots.
  3. There is an off-center striking point that will allow you to hit the ball through a long distance.
  4. The irons are made in a way where you will be able to avoid hitting the turf in the bunker or the pitching spots.


  1. If you are playing a bit above average, this golf iron set is not for you.
  2. Controlling the distance isn’t a favorite part of these super game improvement clubs.


  • Game improvement irons: these clubs are completely made of irons, with no appearance of a hybrid club head in the set. These irons are for those players who are playing at the intermediate level, i.e., neither are beginners nor are the pro golfers.


  1. You can hit the ball and launch it into the air with a minimum effort essential for intermediate golfers.
  2. The club faces are forgiving, and hence, there is no chance that you will make some blunder mistakes out on the field.
  3. The launch force of these irons is designed to offer you control over the stopping of the ball in the greener part of the field and not in the bunkers or the pitch.


  1. The wide club face is not good for hitting the ball across a great distance on the field.
  2. Also, the irons won’t allow you to shape your shot properly.


  • Players Irons: The player’s irons are actually for everyone, starting from the pro players to the beginner golfers. They are made from forged iron, which provides a list of advantages to the players. The sole of these irons is thin, which provides a great intensity of forgiveness and control over the hit.


  1. The irons are customizable, which means that their length can be adjusted easily as per your height.
  2. You will be able to shape the ball during your shot with these irons.
  3. The steel used in manufacturing the shaft is quite soft, which gives a comfortable feel to your hand.


  1. If you are not a good at hitting the ball with the irons, don’t try the player’s irons.
  2. If you are not hitting with the middle of the club, you will definitely not make a forgiving hit.


When you are looking for the best golf irons, you will come across many designs; some are built for beginners while some are for the pro players. Even though these irons look quite appealing and convincing, you need to buy one you think is perfect for your postures and gaming strategy. Never get the set which isn’t fit for you or which won’t help you to perfect your shots. So, following a good buying guide is essential if you want to buy a separate iron set compared to your original club set.


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