10 Things to Look for in Golf Travel Bag


1- Colors

A really nice looking travel case is the #1 rule for making a really good case for your golf bag. Color’s count. Choose a bag color that you would want to see on the front of your club when you get home.

2- Weight

The second rule is for managing your bag weight. Two of the most important factors in determining a light golf case are the number of compression straps and the number of pouches. Although it might not seem as important, pouches should not exceed 4-5 inches wide. For other luggage, including cases, just be aware that a lot of pouches should be made of a very strong material, and also that they should not be too thin. Make sure that the case goes into a laundry basket when you are done and out of sight. It should also be near your bed to be easy to unpack and easy to get to. It shouldn’t take up too much space in your suitcase or backpack. It should also be heavy.

3- How Many Clutch Pockets to Add

Just like our Travel Backpack, add a Clutch Pocket to your Mini Golf Travel Bag. It gives a place for your phone, keys, cash, wallet and one extra add-on. The Golf Clutch Pocket is usually the biggest money saver in the travel bag.

4- Backpack to Work Tool & What to Look for in a Travel Backpack

If you have a regular backpack that you use for daily commuting, or to carry gear for your private adventures (including your golf, or photography equipment), the best case golf travel bag will be top of your list. While the cheapest options on the market might not be made with the best materials, they will do. Since a good golf travel bag will be rugged enough for rough use, even if it’s a rough year, you’ll be ready for any type of rough, making it the best travel bag you can buy for your golf setup.

5- A Buddy Pouch that is Water Resistant & Grommets

Hitting a green on the first hole of a course can be nerve-wracking and most guys, regardless of if they are golfers or non-golfers, aren’t equipped with the necessary tools to properly patch the greens. Not to mention, the hot, humid weather you’ll be in can take its toll on your leather. Therefore, you will need a decent sized water resistant, hygrometric Buddy Pouch. To help with this, all Golf Gear Accessories, Inc. carries a complete line of travel cases with the dimensions that will accommodate the holes that you’ll hit with the golf club. Our Buddy Pouches are designed for the individuals that travel with golf clubs as well as the serious players. We have several bags for you that have three pieces and fold back for privacy when not in use. You can also find golf carts that can fit in a Classic Pouch.

6- Your Golf Bag that’s Carry-On Only

Whether you’re on the road for your round at Brookline, the Canary Islands, France, Northern Ireland, or England, travel golfers don’t want to leave home without their bag. Remember that you can pack your bag on the flight in a carry-on and then you can remove the golf bag and carry-on on your golf bag plane (no taxes, no cancellation fee). You’ll have one less piece of luggage to worry about. Your pico-projector golf bag will look great, and you’ll also find that you won’t need a tournament bag to stash your cash or credit card.
You’ll be able to find a cheap carry-on bag that fits your needs, and you can then take that bag wherever you go. The package to own a tournament bag, and keep all your clothes and equipment dry and safe on the way to and from your tournament. For other destinations besides golf, having a carry-on bag that’s only carry-on makes traveling quicker and less difficult. Keep your golf bag dry when you’re not using it.

7- The Top Stuff Sack for Any Equipment You Own

You may have a number of golf equipment, especially an iron set. But, most often, you may have a steel club or leather driver, but not a club bags. A good sports travel gear on your bag is the best way to keep your equipment up to the standards and used to consistently deliver you a long golfing season. I would recommend a sturdy, vinyl or leather travel stuff sack. These are not only more flexible than your bag’s canvas gear sacks, but they also prevent any club drop and they make it easy to check for leaks.

8- Nice Tool for What You Need to do Most Often

A nice pocket knife can come in handy when you have a bunch of keys around. This is one I’ve used quite a bit.

9- Electronics and Power Supply

Electronics are a must on every travel golf cart and golf bag. I recommend this electric power supply to make sure that you always have power on. I use this specifically with my computer, and I often run out of juice if I go too long between charges.

10- Good Table and Chair

This really depends on your golf cart. You may have one that’s very basic, or you may have one with more amenities, such as chair, massage chair, television and speakers. If you have an affordable golf cart (i.e. a Dixie or Magic), you can probably get away with not having a table and chair. In the long run, that’s probably a good idea, as table and chairs add weight to the cart, and you will probably need that extra speed on those holes.

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